Samoa Travel Information

Photo New Zealand occupied the German protectorate of Western Samoa at the outbreak of World War I in 1914. It continued to administer the islands as a mandate and then as a trust territory until 1962, when the islands became the first Polynesian nation to reestablish independence in the 20th century. The country dropped the "Western" from its name in 1997.

Important: Travel to Samoa may require a travel visa. Whether a visa is required for travel depends on citizenship and purpose of journey. Please be sure to review Travisa's Samoa visa instructions for details. Visa instructions for other countries are available on our do I need a visa page.

Country Statistics

Full country name: Independent State of Samoa
Capital city: Apia
Area: 2,831 sq km
Population: 194,320
Ethnic groups: Samoan 92.6%, Euronesians
Languages: Samoan
Religions: Protestant 59.9%
Government: parliamentary democracy
Chief of State: TUIATUA Tupua Tamasese Efi
Head of Government: Prime Minister TUILA'EPA Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi
GDP: 1.094 billion
GDP per captia: 6,000
Annual growth rate: 2%
Inflation: 5.2%
Agriculture: coconuts, bananas, taro, yams, coffee, cocoa
Major industries: food processing, building materials, auto parts
Natural resources: hardwood forests, fish, hydropower
Location: Oceania, group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and New Zealand
Trade Partners - exports: American Samoa 50%, Australia 23.6%
Trade Partners - imports: NZ 23.9%, Fiji 17.1%, Singapore 15.4%, China 8.4%, Japan 8.1%, Australia 6.7%, US 5.3%